Here's your chance to release your inner rock star and raise money for a great cause!

PfH are holding a karaoke auction night during PfH Live on Tuesday 25th June at Lock 91, Deansgate. Doors open at 7pm and from then on you are invited to 'boom, boom, shake, shake the room'!
Using the form on the right, select 3 songs you'd like to sing for the DJ to choose from. 

If you want to nominate someone to sing, fill in their details on the form below and the song you want them to sing (or check 'Pot Luck'). Don't forget to make a bid and prepare yourself to be counter-nominated!

There will be two competitions running during the event for the three highest bidders, so if you're into Bond themes or have a Gangsta alter-ego they'll be right up your street!
  • Pay a minimum of £5 to sing a song of choice (£3 each if duet or group)
  • Bid a minimum of £5 to sing in one of the competitions 
  • Bid a minimum of £10 to nominate someone to sing
  • Counter bid a minimum of +£10 not to sing if nominated