Covid-19 guidance

As we each work within our organisations to meet the challenges of this strange new world, PfH are continuing to work around the clock to support you as best we can. Our teams of category specialists are working to realise the combined purchasing power of our global supply chain of over 300 suppliers to understand availability of in-demand products, and to get them where they need to be as efficiently as possible.

To keep updated with our latest coronavirus guidance, click here. 

Good news stories from our supply chain

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PfH Business Continuity
Planned Works 
Responsive Works 
Support Services
Supporting the homeless
Lone Worker Solutions
Fast help for home workers
Emergency pop-up store 
Office Depot
Social distancing solutions
Pay 360, part of Capita 
Taking payments securely while working from home

PfH Peer Group Support Network

We would like to invite you to join our Peer Group Support Network. We have created this network for social landlords to support and encourage collaboration across the sector, to share procurement and supply chain expertise, knowledge and experience during these uncertain times. 

If your organisation is looking to source products or services to support in the global response to the Covid-19 Outbreak then contact ‚Äč